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At Chantler Law Offices we take client confidentiality and client loyalty very seriously.  Please note that merely emailing us does not create an attorney-client relationship.


Once your enquiry is received we will run a check against current and former clients of the firm before accepting your case.  Please do not send any information in the initial enquiry other than:


  1. The general nature of the issue that you are enquiring about,
  2. Your name and the names of any opposing parties involved in the case,
  3. The name of any other parties who may be involved in the case on your side.


Please do not provide us with any documents or confidential information until we have completed the conflict check and advised you that we are able to accept representation.
In order to create a confidential relationship with our firm we require a written retainer agreement that will specify what the we will do you you and what is the scope of the representation.  This agreement must be signed by both you, the client and a member of the firm before it is valid.


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